Theme Project:Feats of Daring
An Important Moment in Time

Objective: To analyze the importance of a historical accomplishment
Objective: To effectively communicate ideas about historical events by writing and speaking

Build Background
Some historical events are important the moment they occur. People usually recognize events that have an immediate widespread effect.

The importnace of some historical events become evident over time. Events that are not widely noticed when they occur are sometimes recognized later. Such events become notable because they have a lasting effect,or because they play an important role in later events.

Choose from the following options and find a video using United Streaming.
*exploration- Lewis and Clark,journey to the Moon,
*founding documents-Declaration of Independence
*conflicts-American Revolution,Civil War
*scientific discoveries-electricity
*advances in technology-railroad,motorized flights,communications,
*economic growth- mechanized farming

Then create a story retelling the event using photostory. (A graphic organizer will be provided)